A person’s facial features can determine the way they are perceived in society.

Even when most of us think that a person’s facial features shouldn’t matter, we rely on them far more than we imagine, to decide things like how trustworthy, how friendly and how dependable others are. In fact, there is a lot of evidence that people in roles of leadership in business, politics, military and sports, for example, are often given those roles based on their facial features and not necessarily based on their ability.
Cognitive neuroscientists at New York University, USA conducted a series of experiments to determine how much a person’s facial structure can affect the way others perceive them. The study was published in the Personality and Social Psychology bulletin in June 2015.
Researchers found that happier-looking faces ranked higher for trustworthiness and friendliness. A wider face gives people the impression of competency, and increases the perception of physical strength. There is a known correlation between testosterone levels and facial width, which can also predict aggressiveness and physical strength.


A similar study at the University of York, UK examined the faces of over 1,000 people from online photos, and examined the way our facial features affect the way people think of us.
Dr. Christopher Olivola of Carnegie Mellon University’s Tepper School of Business, at Princeton, USA, says that facial features can predict “significant social outcomes in domains as diverse as politics, law, business, and the military.”

His team examined the faces of the CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, and found that many of them had faces that were wide, thus considered more competent. Candidates with more competent looking faces were more often given the job, even when less competent-looking people performed better than them.

People with trustworthy and likeable faces generally find it easier to win elections, but an untrustworthy face means a greater likelihood of a criminal conviction. Having a trustworthy face also made it more likely that a person will attract investors or be offered a loan by a bank.

This facial bias is so strong, that researchers at the Warwick Business School, UK found that most people can correctly identify CEOs, sports coaches and military chiefs by their faces.
These and many other studies prove that facial features are a very significant factor in determining our perception of others, even though the perception may be completely wrong. These facial judgments are so strong, so ingrained, that it may actually change a person’s personality.
Take a look in the mirror. What are your facial features telling other people about you?



Here are some non-surgical facial rejuvenation techniques, that,properly combined, can offers your “go back in time “. Dr. Cervantes and his team in Costa Calida Medical Wellness ensures  the best results

PRP Injections


Platelet rich plasma injections have been around for decades, helping athletes to heal sports related injuries (they’re particularly helpful at healing tendon damage) but increasingly the benefits of PRP are being used in beauty.

The platelet rich plasma that is injected is a concentrated formula of your own platelets which makes it rich in growth factors. Such growth factors are needed to repair the body, and come in handy too when trying to fight the signs of ageing.


toxina butolinica
botolinum toxin can safely restore a youthful appearance and temporarily by thin lines, eliminating wrinkles and crow’s feet. It is also commonly used to help forehead wrinkles. The botolinum toxin is injected with a fine needle into the affected muscles and take a few days to show its full effect.

Chemical peels and laser

Chemical and laser peels “peeling” damage the top layers of skin to reveal a smoother looking skin. They can also improve wrinkles, mild scarring, sun spots, freckles and age spots.
With chemical peels, a chemical solution to small areas of the skin that makes discards, revealing her healthy and youthful skin is added. With laser peels, thermal energy causes a controlled burn of skin upper layers allowing the skin to regenerate. Patients experience a sensation of heat during treatment and may have a “sense sunburn” for a few hours after treatment.


A charge is used for volume replacement and restoration. He “fills” the space under a wrinkle to smooth with the surrounding skin. Fillers such as Juvederm can be injected as a wrinkle and within minutes, the lines will be smoother and more natural looking. The fillers may also be used to restore the volume to different areas of the face that has been lost during the aging process.

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