As new again


Vaginoplasty or vaginal rejuvenation is a medical procedure where the youthful appearance of the genitals of women is restored. We offer different procedures  such as:

Labiaplasty Laser is performed to correct irregularities and deformities in the vagina lips , or when there is an excess of skin around the clitoris

Laser Perineoplasty: With this medical procedure the appearance of skin between the vagina and anus is improved.

Increase / Lip Reduction: This procedure gives youthful appearance on the vagina lips

Hymenoplasty: This is done to repair and reconstruct the hymen

These medical treatments are ambulatory and require  local anesthesia associated with sedation


Whether they openly accept it or not, men, just as women, base their sexual self-esteem on the appearance of their genitals. For this reason, circumstances such as aging or obesity affect them more than they themselves recognize.

There are aesthetic alternatives on male genital rejuvenation which have recently become very popular such as foreskin, scrotum, pubic area and groin restoration.

Regarding the first, experts shorten it with the purpose of the glands to be totally exposed, what is universally known as a simple circumcision; as for the second option, a moulding of testicles is implemented so that these may restore their former firmness.

Concerning pubic areas and groins, a lifting is carried out to eliminate wrinkles, though selective liposuction is also applied.

Local or general anaesthesia is applied during all these procedures and the duration of surgery ranges from one to two hours.  Recovery takes 48 hours. Merely aesthetic treatments are also carried out such as whitening of  groin and anal area.